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Integrations - Twitter

Create your own Twitter app and have it connected with your HAPPY WIFI campaign

Create your own Twitter app and have it connected with your HAPPY WIFI Platform account:

1. Login into your Twitter account.

2. Once logged in into your Twitter account, go to apps.twitter.com

3. Sign in onto the developers’ site in case you have not.

4. At the footer part of the Dev page, click on the Manage your Apps link.

5. Once in the App Management page, click on the Create New App button.

6. Enter the required details on the page. Remember the name of your app.

Use the following Callback URL details for Standard HAPPY WIFI Setup:




Do not forget to check the agreement to the terms and conditions. Then click Create Your Twitter Application.

7. Once the app is created, go to the Keys and Access Tokens tab.

8. Take note of your API key number and API Secret.

9. Login into your HAPPY WIFI platform account and click on Integrations.

10. Click on the Add New Integration button.


11. Choose a name for App and select Twitter from the Choose Services drop down menu.


12. Enter the App Key and App Secret from Step 8 and click Save.


Congratulations! You have connected a Twitter app on your HAPPY WIFI Platform. Wifi users can now connect to your HAPPY WIFI using their Twitter accounts.


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