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Integrations - Instagram

Creating an Instagram App and Adding it to MyWifi

Before creating an Instagram App for social login in the HAPPY WIFI platform take note of the following Instagram changes:

You can find detailed information about Instagram’s review process here:



Visit the Permissions Review Tab when logged in as a developer

1. Login into your Instagram account.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on API

3. Click the Register Your Application button to register your account on Instagram developers site.

4. Fill out the details on the developer registration page. Click on the image below for the information guide.

5. Once you click on the Sign up button, you will be taken to the Manage Clients page. Click on the Register a New Client button.

6. Enter the necessary details in the Register new Client ID page.

Valid Redirect URL (No Custom Branding): https://securewifilogin.com


See the image below for further details:

7. After clicking the Register button, you will be taken to your application/client page list. The newly created app will be displayed together with your App ID and API secret.

8. Login into your HAPPY WIFI account and click Integrations in the left side menu.

9. Click the Add New Integration button.


10. Choose a name for your App and select Instagram from the Choose Services dropdown menu.


11. Enter your the name of your Instagram Application. In the App ID field, enter the Client ID of your Instagram app. On the other hand, enter on the App secret the Client secret of your Instagram app. Then click on the Test button.

12. Paste the Client ID and Client Secret into the corresponding HAPPY WIFI fields and click Save.


Congratulations! You have created an Instagram App to use in your campaigns.


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