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Integrations - Facebook

Creating a Facebook App and Adding it to MyWiFi

*Important: As an online marketer you should already have knowledge of using Facebook Apps. If you not, please go to https://developers.facebook.com/ and familiarize yourself.*

These instructions will enable you to create your own Facebook App to process HAPPY WIFI Social Logins and integrate it within your HAPPY WIFI platform account.

1. Go to https://facebook.com

2. Login in your Facebook account.

3. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/

4. Login with your Facebook credentials again if necessary.

5. Select Yes on the Yes/No button for the agreement policy then click the Register button.

6. Once you have registered as a developer, hover your mouse on the My Apps section and select Add New App.

7. Input a Display Name for your app, and enter a Contact Email address of your choice. Then click on the Create App ID button.

10. Once the Create App ID button has been clicked, you must select the Facebook Login options by clicking Setup.

11. Choose the www or web option. 

12. On the next step, enter the Site URL then :

Standard HAPPY WIFI Setup: https://securewifilogin.com

Then click the Save button.

13. Afterwards, go to Facebook Login > Settings on the left side menu:

14. You must now Enable the appropriate Client OAuth Settings and enter the OAuth Redirect URI

Please Set the Following Client OAuth Settings:

Client OAuth Login: Yes

Web OAuth Login: Yes

Embedded Browser OAuth Login: Yes

Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs: No


Standard HAPPY WIFI Setup – Use the following valid OAuth Redirect URI:



Click Save Changes after inputting the necessary details. 

15. After clicking Save Changes in the Facebook Login >> Settings section, please navigate to the Main Settings at the top left:

16. Enter the appropriate App Domain & Site URL information for the Social Portal

Standard HAPPY WIFI Setup – Use the following App Domains & Site URL details: 

App Domains: securewifilogin.com
Site Url: https://securewifilogin.com



Click Save Changes after inputting the necessary details.

17. Once the settings are saved, the page will refresh and you will now be able to retrieve your App ID & App Secret. Click on the Show button to display the App Secret. Copy and paste the App ID and App Secret. These details will be used on the HAPPY WIFI platform (see next steps).

18. Navigate to the Settings >> App Review section at the top left, and click Yes to turn your Facebook App to Live status.

19. Login into your HAPPY WIFI Platform account. 

20. Go to Integrations.

21. Click the Add New Integration button.


22. Select Connect a New Facebook Account from the Choices

23. Enter your Facebook App Name, App ID and App Secret.

Congratulations! Facebook users will be able to connect to your HAPPY WIFI router, using their Facebook accounts through your own Facebook App.


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